Pumpkin Head (Where's Your Head At)

Pumpkin Head (Where's Your Head At)

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It was a dark & not particularly stormy night...a soft, rolling fog settles over a sleepy town. In the distance, a soft glow blooms from the horizon, carrying with it a haunting tone.

Suddenly, a silhouette peeks through, casting a long shadow in your direction. The surrounding glow intensifies at a steady rate, only outpaced by your growing sense of dread. The figure moves closer and closer, the blazing glow now emanating from its head. The haunting tone shifts to a howling cackle, so harsh it drops you to the ground.

The figure now stands over you, raising its glowing disembodied head above its body. It stops cackling for a brief moment, turning its head directly toward you, and screams…


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